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Book 4

Cinq Mars, Complete, by Alfred de Vigny

Title: Cinq Mars

Author: Alfred de Vigny

Language: English



With a Prefaces by CHARLES DE MAZADE, and GASTON BOISSIER of the French

Quotes from the text of Cinq Mars by Alfred de Vigny

     A queen's country is where her throne is
     All that he said, I had already thought
     Always the first word which is the most difficult to say
     Dare now to be silent when I have told you these things
     Daylight is detrimental to them
     Friendship exists only in independence and a kind of equality
     I have burned all the bridges behind me
     In pitying me he forgot himself
     In times like these we must see all and say all
     Reproaches are useless and cruel if the evil is done
     Should be punished for not having known how to punish
     Tears for the future
     The great leveller has swung a long scythe over France
     The most in favor will be the soonest abandoned by him
     This popular favor is a cup one must drink
     This was the Dauphin, afterward Louis XIV